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Learning how to trade on the foreign exchange market is an integral part of Your successful earnings. "You cant't ride the bike until you start to pedal"

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Consultation / Service NEW

Initial conversation with each client individually on skype with the best financial analyst and trainer at the Aqulla. During the consultation, we will recommend You the trading tools and answer Your questions. As part of the consultation, You will learn:


- What are the options and how to trade with them;

- How to trade correctly;

- How to trade by news;

- How to withdraw profits from trading account.

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The basics education of the trade/ Service Standart

Complete training material the basics of trading. This course will help You to earn more for each entry with minimal risk. The course includes:


- Rules of money management;

- The rules of trading psychology;

- The rules of Fundamental analysis;

- The rules of Technical analysis.

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Pro Course / Service Premium

Pro course is a private course, which takes place at convinient time. We will find a trading system for you that fits Your personality and trading style. The course is held individually and can reach several classes:


- Trading strategies for every trader;

- Learning all the intricacies of Your chosen strategy;

- Individual course by Skype at convinient time for the client;

- Help the client to continue trading

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