What is the minimum deposit in the company?

The minimum Deposit is 30$

What is the minimum withdrawal sum from the account?

The minimum withdrawal sum is 30$

Does the company charge comission for withdrawing and deposit?

The company does not charge comissions for depositing and withdrawing funds from the account, except for some payment systems.

Do you have to provide documents to the company for withdrawal of funds?

Yes, it is necessary to confirm your personal details during registration for verification of a client.

What services are present in the company?

The company provides 4 types of servises:

  • Service NEW deposit from 0$ to 10$
  • Service NEW deposit from 10$ to 499$
  • Service Standart, deposit from 500$ to 1999$
  • Service Premium, deposit from 2000$ or more (Recommended)

Does your company provide training?

The company provides training to customers and make further recommendations to trade from service Standart.

What are the types of options?

The options are based on any kind of instrument such as currency pair (EURUSD) or the Shares of companies (Apple, Gazprom), or commodities (Oil, gas).

What is the value of the option?

The value of the option is the price at which a trader acquires an option from the company.

What is a CALL option?

The option where the closing price is above the expected open price.

What is a PUT option?

The option where the closing price is below the expected open price.

What is the expiry time of theadmin_aqullay option?

The option expires at a specific date and time.

What is the strike price?

The price of the selected asset at the moment of purchaseadmin_aqullay option.

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